Tuesday, July 22, 2008

K a t s H o b b i e s

When I was younger my parents used to drive a very nice but old car. When my uncle had an accident with it, the chance first came up to buy a new vehicle. It was going to be the second "real" car my parents actually drove after the amazing Trabant 601 and Wartburg Tourist :o). They decided to buy a nice, big, blue Jeep. I was fascinated about the size, the technology and that nobody else had a car like that. I loved cars from that day. I spend my leisure time to join my father to get-togethers of all the Jeep drivers living around our city. One day we were driving somewhere off road when my Dad told me to drive their Jeep and actually any car for the very first time. I liked it so much that even thought I was only 12 years old; I couldn´t wait to get a drivers license. Today I have actually some more of them because I discovered motorcycles to be a nice pastime too. Every free moment you will now find me in my car or on my nice Chopper-like motorcycle cruising around, looking good and getting a few things done. Beside some other nice hobbies I still have I just love driving - even bikes :o)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Who Am I ?

When I was a child, the colour of my skin was brown.
Getting older, I had many, and many more cosmetic surgeries.
When seeing kids, I´d like to invite them to my ranch.
When younger, I sung famous songs.
When people casted suspicion on me for having assulted children, I retired from business.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

two mice

One day, Jenny and Carol who are two mice met eachother. They were close friends and Jenny felt something was wrong with Carol. She was very excited and couldn't speak fluently. Jenny asked, "What happened? You are so different today." When Carol finally knew what to say she answerd, "You know... I have a new boyfriend. He is soooo cute and funny. I think he's perfectly made for me." Now, Jenny understood why her friend was so different. Jenny was excited to see him and asked her, "Do you have a picture? As he is soooo cute I want to see him!" "Yes for sure I do," Carol answered and gave her friend the picture quickly. Jenny looked at it a little disappointed and pointed out, "He looks cute, you're right. But, Did you know that he's a bat and not a mouse?" Carol was sooo upset and cried, "Oh noooo. Are you serious? He told me he's a PILOT..." (o; *HAHAHA* ;o)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

evil to evil

Once upon a time there was a very ugly Lady living somewhere way out in the boonies of British Columbia. That fact that she was not good-looking wasn't a real problem. But, when she got to know that the King was looking for his future queen she tried everything, really everything to be the one he will choose. The King wanted for sure the most beautiful woman so the ugly lady's chances were close to nothing. She thought about so many stupid thing that wouldn't work until she had a groundbraking idea. She started spreading the rumor that the most beautiful had taken the guise of an ugly and wretched spinster. The news reached the King very fast and he thought about what to do now day in and day out. He finally sent his emissaries all over British Columbia to find his wife, the ugliest but at the same time most beautiful woman in the province. After they got married the new queen was so excited but she needed to plan the rest of her "happyend". After 8 years, the rumor said, she will be beautiful "again". So, she planned to leave the beautiful castle secretly in the 7th. After her excitment about all the new things faded away she finally realized that the King was a frightening beast ten times uglier than she was. As she was his wife he told her frank that someone put a jinx on him, too. Appalled she asked how to break the spell and the King answered keen: "There's nothing I can do but wait. Only after eight years, when will be beautiful again, the spell will be broken." "What when I'm not going to be beautiful again", asked the queen and he just answered: "We will be cursed to stay togeher in our ugly and frightening guises, in poverty and want, until death parts us!"

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

a film that needs to be seen

Over the hedge is an amazing computer animated film that really needs to be seen. Some cute little animals which live in a park wake up after their hibernation. During the winter a huge hedge grew and of course they don't know what to do - they've never seen something big like this. Suddenly the very selfconfident raccoon RJ appears and tries to help the scared park inhabitants. He has a lot of experience and doesn't know the word fear. He wants to show his new friends the life that is going on behind the hedge and therefore they go through funny and dangerous adventures. They eat and drink chips, coke and all the delicious food the settlement over the hedge offers. Unfortunately they can't get enouth and of course RJ instigate them to get more and more till they get into a really difficult and dangerous situation. The people, living in the settlement, notice that the animals come to their yards to steal food. Therefore, they try to catch and kill them. Now, everybody needs to work one for all and all for one. They help each other to escape from this situation and try to go back to the park to bting themselfs to safety. For sure the film has an happy end but you should see your own what exactly happens . Enjoy ;o)!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I am the type of person who...

...likes to be outdoor to experience adventures.

...loooooves to take a nap for a long time. Well, lets say I would take a nap the whole day if it would be possible.

...you should be glad to be with ;o)

...doesn´t like to drink a lot. I rather take care about the people that are drunken and take pictures of them :o)

...dislikes taking an overcrowded bus. Especially in the moring - I miss my car very much!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a strange encounter

2 months ago I've been in a really strange encounter. I met a woman in the bus on my way home. Well to be honest I don't know if it was a woman I think it was more a "he" but I don't wanna say "it" so now it's a woman. When I entered the bus she had already taken a seat. Her left leg was broken so she put it up on another seat. Her clothing was very strange, dirty, too tight - she seemed homeless but she wasn't. She was talking to everybody who entered the bus. So to say she was more or less nice and open but the most stange thing was "her arm". She must have been run away from hospital. A needle from an infusion stuck in her arm and a tube went from the end of the needle into ther jacket. I had no idea what's wrong with her so I felt kind of scared because I thought she was supposed to be in hospital but she wasn't as I could see. The next day I saw her again and some time later again... I can't explain why it feels strange to see her because she is more or less nice and Vancouver has many strange people but she makes me really feel uncomfortable...